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  • Bass Guitar Lessons

    Bass Guitar Lessons
    The bass guitar (also called electric bass or simply bass). The bass guitar is similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, but with a…

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  • Cello Lessons

    Cello Lessons
    How is a cello different from the violin and viola? Apart from physical differences, the cello’s sound is very different from either violin or viola. The tone…

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  • Clarinet Lessons

    Clarinet Lessons
    The clarinet is single-reed (mouthpiece) woodwind instrument. It has become an indispensable instrument for every orchestra. In jazz, the clarinet is a very popular instrument. Many important…

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  • Double Bass Lessons

    Double Bass Lessons
    The double bass (also called the string bass, upright bass, bass violin or contrabass) is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed stringed instrument in the violin family…

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  • Drum Lessons

    Drum Lessons
    Drums are a lot of fun to play and just about every rock/pop band needs them. Drummers are in high demand. Did you know that you can…

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  • Flute Lessons

    Flute Lessons
    The flute originally made of wood, is now made from silver or gold and is about 2 feet in length. The flute produces a sound that can…

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  • French Horn Lessons

    French Horn Lessons
    The French horn, originating from bugles or hunting horns, is a brass instrument often used in orchestral music and arrangements. It has been incorporated into all…

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  • Guitar Lessons

    Guitar Lessons
    Finding a good guitar instructor can be frustrating if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Good guitar instructors in particular can be hard to find,…

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